About Vetico Food

A world of
packaging machines

From our eight locations, we work as a co-packer with numerous dry food products – unwrapped or packaged, from pet food to confectionery. As you can imagine, we have a world of packaging machines at our disposal, which means we can get started for you right away. We have also deliberately chosen to specialize in one specific area: bulk packaging into consumer units.

Covering everything from design and implementation to purchasing and financing, Vetipak, a Vetico company, takes care of every aspect of co-packing to the highest level. In the years since we started in 1997, we’ve grown to become an authority on the European market, and for good reason!

Food experience

Taking care of your product

Food safety

According to the highest standards

Numerous top brands and private labels have entrusted their food products to us. That says it all, really: when it comes to food safety, we really have our affairs in order. We work in conditioned factories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, in accordance with the highest standards in the market.

For example, we package unwrapped products in primary packaging, in special compartments in the factory. This excludes the possibility of cross-contamination. We also continuously monitor the space before, during and after the process, for signs of product residues, any hygiene issues, and the presence of microorganisms.

Vetico’s Innovation Center

The most sustainable
custom solution possible

If you require a different packaging solution than is available in our existing 45 lines, that’s not a problem. If the volume warrants it, we will develop and build a customer-centric solution at our Innovation Center. We tackle this by thinking outside of the box, and applying the newest software, vision, AI and robot technology wherever possible.

Our packaging technologists at the Innovation Center are also happy to consult with you on the most sustainable packaging, often with the support of our specialized packaging suppliers.

Innovation center