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Creating the
future together

Sometimes, the only way to achieve your growth ambitions or strategic goals is by choosing not to do something. Or at least, not to do it yourself. Production, assembly and packaging, for example. If one or more of your divisions is hampering your business focus, then join forces with Vetico!

While you have a successful product and know better than anyone else how to use it to reach your target audience, we as a co-manufacturer have the innovative solutions that you need for that. We always provide the right combination of people and technology at the right place in the supply chain. Creating the future together.

About Vetico


Solid as a rock, but also
fast and flexible

A number of Expertise Centers operate under the Vetico banner, each of them with its own core business. Each company is a Vetico company, and we support them all with shared services and far-reaching innovation. This enables us to provide you with the sustainable power of a strong partner as well as the speed, flexibility, and warmth of a family business.

Vetico Care

As a strategic packaging partner, we make the difference when it comes to top luxury brands and private labels for home, body, and personal care.

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Vetico Food

Based at eight locations, we work as a leading co-packer on dry food, pet food and confectionery products, either unwrapped or packaged.

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Vetico Medical

We design, produce and package medical items in a sterile manner, including tubing systems and swabs. These always come with CE certification.

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Vetico Care
Vetico Food
Vetico Medical

Working at Vetico

There’s room
for everyone

Just as in any family, there’s room for everyone at Vetico. Whether you as an employee want to embark on one voyage of discovery after another, for and with clients – or just want to work in the same place on great products every day: everything is possible. Just as long as you’re ambitious and fit in with our five core values: Equal, Entrepeneurial, Ownership, Proud and Team.

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Vetico’s Innovation Center

For now
and for later

We commit fully to innovation so that we can always be there for our clients. At our Innovation Center, a team of specialists keeps up with all of the latest technological trends in fields such as robotics, AI and vision. We also facilitate the application of these developments.

  • For now – We provide technical support to our Expertise Centers and specific, customer-centric solutions for clients.
  • And for later Thanks to our moonshot innovation approach, we are ready to meet the customer demands of the future. Or perhaps we won’t be. But as total pioneers, we’re more than willing to take that risk!
Innovation centre